martes, 31 de agosto de 2010

Book of Mormon Video Soundtrack

This recording features music from the Church Educational System video series.


1.For Our Day
2."My Soul Hungered"
4."Firm in the Faith"
5.The Olive Tree
6."One by One"

Scoring exerpts

7.Theme from "For Our Day"
8."'Act for Themselves'" Suite
9.Themes from "'I Will Prepare the Way'"
10.Theme from "'Firm in the Faith of Christ'"
11.Theme 1 from "'Stand as Witnesses'"
12.Themes from "The Olive Tree Allegory"
13.Theme from "Spiritual Crocodiles"
14.Theme 2 from "'Stand as Witnesses'"
15.Justice and Mercy underscore from "The Mediator"
16.Themes from "'God Has Delivered Me'"
17.Theme and underscore from "Becoming Children of Christ"
18.Theme 3 from "'Stand as Witnesses'"
19."My Joy is Full"

Song accompaniment

20.For Our Day
21."My Soul Hungered"
22.The Olive Tree

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