martes, 31 de agosto de 2010

New Testament Video Soundtrack

This recording features music from the Church Educational System video series.


1.Come unto Him
2.My Holy House
3.The Whole Armor of God
4.I Remember Thee
5.Make You Whole
6.Godly Sorrow

Scoring excerpts

7.Themes from "'The Just Shall Live by Faith'"
8.Grace: Daily Assistance
9.Theme from "The Law of the Harvest"
10.Theme from "The Body is a Temple"
11."Feed My Sheep"
12.Battle sequence from "'The Whole Armor of God'"
13.Theme 1 from "The Sacrament"
14.Combined themes from "Parables"
15.Theme 2 from "The Sacrament"
16.Grace: The Bicycle
17.Theme from "Long-Promised Day"
18.Underscore from "Paul—A Chosen Vessel"
19.Theme 3 from"The Sacrament"
20.Underscore from "Helps for Understanding the Book of Revelation"
21.Themes from "'To This End Was I Born'"

Song accompaniment

22.Come unto Him
23.My Holy House
24.The Whole Armor of God
25.Godly Sorrow

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